Here are some recent zine projects I've been working on. They are all veiwable online and most are also available for sale.

Tri-County Pie Eat: Issue one and two: a photo based, collaborative, quarterly magazine. A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, dedicated to sharing the stories of individuals who exist outside the realm of mainstream media representation.  Once referred to as "Kind of like Travel+Leisure but for people who ride freight trains, dj at queer nights, and preserve road kill pelts."  

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: A collaboration between Nic LaPonte and Sarah LaPonte featuring emails and photographs written and taken in Pittsburgh and Afghanistan, respectively. 

I thought it was a bad idea I just wanted to make sure: (not pictured) Scans and photographs collected between 2010-2012. Published by the kind folks at Pine Island Press. Recently selected by the Independent Publishing Resource Center as zine of the month for  September

Horseshit: A collaboration of west coast artists reflecting on what a bear 2012 was. (Seriously though, what was up with that?) 

City of Destiny: Black and white 35mm photos of Tacoma, Washington, a "dusty old jewel in the south Puget Sound."